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Shopping for carpet can be a bit overwhelming at times. With so many colors, textures and styles to choose from, where does one begin? First, remember to think of carpet as a fashion investment. After all, you're not simply covering your floors, but you're uncovering the beauty of your home and discovering your own sense of style. With today's technology, carpet is more durable than ever. Whether you're redoing a formal dining room or the kids playroom, FloorCraft has all the latest styles, fashions and colors. Our expertly trained staff will assist you in making the perfect choice for your home!

The Look

Carpeting is perhaps the most widely used form of flooring and is offered in the widest variety of colors, styles and textures.

The Color

The selection of carpet color is a very personal choice. You will want to select a color that unites your decor and creates the atmosphere you desire. When considering a carpet, remember that neutral colors can be one of your most dramatic design tools. The whites, off-whites and gray values all add a sense of sophistication and refinement to any space. You'll find the understated power of neutral shades will also work beautifully with modern decors. Remember, lighter colors make the room seem larger; darker colors provide coziness. There are also practical considerations in color selection. New stain and soil resistant technology makes today's lighters color carpet much easier to clean, allowing more decorating options. Medium and darker colors, tweeds, and textures will help disguise common soil in your home's high traffic areas.

The Strength

The type of fiber used and the way the carpet is constructed (loop, cut, etc..) determines the basic performance of the carpet. Quality can be enhanced by the way the fibers, or yarns are twisted and heat set, and by the density of the tufts. The most common fibers used in carpet today are nylon, olefin, polyester and natural fibers such as wool or sisal. The inherent characteristics found in each of these fibers helps determine their use and color offering. Premium, nylon soft fibers are extremely popular and offer superior soil-hiding characteristics, comfort, durability and brilliant color palettes.

The Feel

Textures: Carpet construction - how the yarn is "tufted" into backing affects its texture and ultimately, the long-term durability and appearance of the carpet.

Level loop pile: Loops of equal height. Generally offers long lasting wear for high traffic areas. Many of today's popular Berbers are level loop.

Multilevel loop pile: Usually have two to three different loop heights to create pattern effects. Provides good durability.

Cut Pile: Loops are cut, leaving individual yarn tufts. Still one of today's most popular constructions, it's durability is achieved with factors including the type of fiber, density of tufts, and the amount of twist in the yarn.

Cut and loop pile: Combination of cut and looped yarns. Provides variety of surfaces textures, including sculptured effects

Frieze: The yarns in this style are tightly twisted to create a curly, textured appearance. This style also minimizes the appearance of footprints and vacuum marks and is extremely durable.

- Velvets - Smooth, level surfaces; formal atmosphere.
- Saxonies - Various surface finishes; versatile performance and appearance.
- Textures - Informal atmosphere; suitable for whole house application. Minimizes footprints.

The Clean Up

There are many kinds of carpet and new carpet stain resistant and soil resistant fibers. It would be best to ask one of our consultants about the best care solution for your style of carpeting.

The Cost

Price Equals Value

The phrase “you get what you pay for,” may be truer for carpeting than any other consumer purchase. The performance and quality of a carpet is directly related to the amount and quality of fiber that goes into the pile. The better the fiber and the denser it's packed, the better the carpet will perform. Low quality carpet is easy to spot - it's thin and lightweight. The low price may be tempting, but remember it will lose its surface appearance faster, and you'll have to replace it sooner. Your budget and your needs are two key elements in selecting carpet. There is a wide range of choices and costs from which to make your selection.


A quality carpet cushion is essential to the life of your carpet. Carpet cushion is not an option if you want your carpet to be comfortable and to last. Carpet cushion affects the luxury feel underfoot, quietness, resilience, cleaning, insulation, and, ultimately, the life of your carpet. The performance of many carpets will hinge on the performance of the cushion. Spending a few extra dollars on cushion can mean extra years of performance for your carpet. Some carpet warranties also hinge on the grade of cushion you select.

Something Extra.....

A Few Facts About Wool

* Wool resists soiling and is easy to clean because of a natural scaly outer surface that keeps dirt and grit high on carpet pile for easier vacuuming. The same scaly outer surface also makes wool resistant to wear from heavy traffic and furniture.

*A wool fiber's membrane tends to shed moisture, so it holds spills on top of the carpet yarns. That's how most wools initially can “hold” most spills just long enough for an immediate cleanup, without seepage to cushion or subfloor.

* Wool resists static electricity buildup.

* Wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable resource.

For more information on wool carpeting, contact one of our consultants to assist you.

Choice of carpeting can reflect your personal taste and style. Different people may have a different feeling about what they think is a good color or type of carpeting. Good use of carpeting can influence several components in a room including light, temperature, and noise. Our carpeting experts can help get you started in the right direction with tips and tricks on what looks good and what doesn't.